Claudia Bellomo

Lash Lifting

With this treatment, your eyelashes are naturally lengthened, strengthened, lifted (lifting effect) and can be possibly colored upon request. Already after the first treatment, your own eyelashes will visually become about 30% longer and more voluminous.

In order to take care of the eyelashes even more after the treatment, we apply a Lash Botox on the eyelashes. This is a treatment that provides your eyelashes with highly effective nutrients and in addition it protects them from environmental influences.



  • Completely painless treatment
  • Your natural eyelashes become thicker, longer, stronger and healthier
  • Deep care and strengthening
  • More curl, length, color, shine
  • Immediate, long-lasting effect


The effect lasts about 6-8 weeks


Duration of the treatment: 

Lash Lifting without coloring circa - 50 minutes
Lash Lifting with coloring circa - 60 - 80 minutes


*Price on request *

Brow Lifting

This treatment gives your eyebrows a perfect shape. Eyebrows can also be colored and corrected during this treatment upon request. 

Stiff and rigid eyebrows are permanently brought into an ideal shape. It supports the growth as well as the density of the hairs.


The result lasts about 4-6 weeks


Duration oft he treatment:

Brow Lifting without tinting and correction - about 50 minutes
Brow Lifting with tinting and correction - about 60 - 80 minutes


*Price on request*